No-Knock List

On January 1, 2017, the City of Auburn Hills “Do Not Knock” ordinance (#16-878) became effective.  This allows City residents to add their address to a “Do Not Knock” list which will restrict certain vendors, peddlers, and solicitors from door-to-door sales at their homes.  The list is then provided to any door-to-door sales people when they apply for a permit to solicit.  

Not all solicitors are subject to this ordinance amendment.  Exempted solicitors and/or vendors include scout troops, religious groups, and some charitable organizations and political groups protected by the U.S. Constitution.  When the Clerk’s Office is advised of intended activities, we provide the group with a copy of the “Do Not Knock” list.  Each group decides whether or not they wish to visit those addresses where they may not be welcome. In the event you are visited by a solicitor or vendor that is not advancing a religious, charitable or political cause, you may call our Police Department to report the incident (248.370.9444).  When available, a Police Officer will investigate and if necessary, issue a ticket.  Please remember to be patient as pertinent police matters must take precedence.  

Once you have registered on the “No-Knock” List, your address will remain on the list for five-years.  Should you decide to remove your name from the list, you must contact the Clerk’s Office, in writing. 


Please note:  Only your address will be released to vendors.

If you would like a "No Soliciting" sticker for your door,
visit the City Clerk's Office.