Auburn Hills, MI—September 13, 2019--The City of Auburn Hills, a dynamic community committed to innovation and growth has recently collaborated with Mahindra Automotive North America to receive a ROXOR off-road vehicle. The keys to the vehicle were handed over by Mahindra President and CEO Rick Haas to Auburn Hills Mayor Kevin McDaniel on September 12, 2019. 

“We are honored that Mahindra chose to locate in Auburn Hills in 2017. They are great corporate citizens and CEO Rick Haas and the entire leadership team has been an exceptional partner to work with. Our Department of Public Works looks forward to adding the ROXOR to their fleet. We plan to use the new ROXOR for maintenance of our city trails, parks and in our downtown”, said Mayor Kevin McDaniel

The ROXOR was launched in March of 2018 and is being fully assembled and supported at Mahindra’s 150,000 square foot facility in Auburn Hills. Mahindra has been building rugged and durable vehicles for over 70 years, including tractors, automobiles, trucks, military vehicles, airplanes, motorcycles and more.

“The City of Auburn Hills and Mayor McDaniel and his team have been a great partner to us”, said Rick Haas, President and CEO of Mahindra Automotive North America.   “We’re getting a ton of demand from municipalities and other commercial users, who like ROXOR’s capability and durability, so we wanted to donate a unit to the City as way of saying thank you for the great support we get.”