Public Service Announcement: Prohibited Truck Traffic (Strictly Enforced)

The City of Auburn Hills has a valid traffic control order prohibiting truck tr
affic on the following roadway:

  • North Squirrel Road from 150 feet south of M-59 to Auburn Rd.
Trucks are restricted to local deliveries only on the following roadways:

  • Auburn Road from Churchill Rd. to Adams Rd.
  • South Squirrel Road from South Blvd. to Auburn Rd.
  • Squirrel Court from North Squirrel Rd. to Auburn Rd.

Prohibited turning movements for trucks have also been established on Auburn Rd. at Squirrel Rd., Squirrel Ct., Rex Blvd., Corporate Dr., Auburn Ct., and commercial businesses along Auburn Rd.  Signs are posted in the applicable areas as required by laws of the State of Michigan.  The highlighted areas on the attached map will assist in understanding the affected areas.  

Violations of this order shall be strictly enforced.

For this purpose, any “truck”, “track tractor”, “semitrailer”, or “commercial vehicle” or combination thereof having an elected gross weight rating greater than 10,000 pounds is defined as a “truck”.  This definition does NOT include the following: bus, school bus, emergency vehicles, motor homes, agricultural equipment, utility service vehicles used for construction in the city while work is in progress, refuse trucks while making refuse pickups within the city, any city-owned vehicles, and all vehicles used exclusively to transport personal possessions or family members for nonbusiness purposes. 

Local deliveries are permitted to the businesses on Auburn Road from Churchill to Adams Road, on South Squirrel Road from South Blvd. to Auburn Rd. and on Squirrel Court from Auburn Rd. to North Squirrel Rd.  Local delivery means the transportation of goods from a source location to a predefined destination(s) within these defined areas.

The Auburn Hills Police Department is distributing this Public Service Announcement to educate residents and visitors of Auburn Hills. 

While our
 goal is voluntary compliance, officers will issue citations where appropriate to ensure compliance with this order.

Assist the Auburn Hills Police Department in keeping your community safe by complying with the traffic laws of our city. 

Truck Traffic