PRESS RELEASE: Larcenies from Unlocked Vehicles
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Larcenies from Unlocked Vehicles

The Auburn Hills Police Department has been experiencing numerous reports of Larcenies from Vehicles.  These incidents are primarily occurring in the overnight hours and suspects are targeting unlocked vehicles in residential neighborhoods and apartment complexes.  Items such as cell phones, GPS devices, handheld bags, electronic devices and misc. personal property have been stolen from vehicles.  Items stolen are typically easy to remove from the vehicles and it can be done quickly.

The following tips are provided for citizens to help reduce their chances of being a victim of larceny:

• Always lock your doors, especially overnight • Remove any valuable items from your vehicle • If unable to remove an item, keep it out of sight • Keep your porch/garage lights on overnight • Contact police immediately if you witness anyone or anything suspicious

The Auburn Hills Police Department is asking for the public’s help in remaining vigilant in and around their neighborhoods.  We ask that you contact us immediately to report anything out of the ordinary.  What may seem insignificant to someone, may be a valuable piece information that leads to the identification of these suspects.

Anyone who may have information related to these incidents is asked to call the Auburn Hills Police Department at 248-370-9444.

Media Contact Lieutenant Ryan Gagnon Public Information Officer 248-364-6851