Planning Commission

The Auburn Hills Planning Commission is a nine member panel appointed by the Mayor for staggered terms.  The Commission is charged with guiding land use and development in the City.  The Planning Commission is very active preparing master plans (city-wide, neighborhood, and subarea) and making recommendations to the City Council concerning the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Map, and development proposals.  The Board also serves as the City's Recreation Commission.IMAG Web

Planning Commission Members:

Member      Term Ending
Brian Marzolf        12/04/2023
Carlene Nolan-Pederson        7/31/2022
Bob Pierce        7/31/2022
Carolyn Shearer        7/31/2022
Sam Beidoun          7/31/2023
Laura Ochs        7/31/2023
Chauncey Hitchcock        7/31/2024
Greg Ouellette        7/31/2024
Raymond Saelens        7/31/2024 
Steven J. Cohen, AICP, PCP
     Director of Community Development
248-364-6900 or
Shawn Keenan, AICP
      Assistant City Planner