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Property and Evidence

How do I retrieve personal property also called prisoner property after an arrest (excluding property held as evidence)?
Personal property that was on you at the time of your arrest can be picked up from the police department front desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for six (6) months.  After six (6) months it is deemed abandoned and will be disposed of in accordance with department policy and State Law. 

When can I get my property back that was held as evidence?
The detective investigating the case or the officer in charge of the case MUST authorize the release of any property held as evidence. If your property is being held as evidence then it will not be released under any circumstances.

How can I retrieve my firearm(s)?
All firearms releases are evaluated on a case by case basis. Contact the Property and Evidence Technician at the information below for more information.

Jessica Solomon
Property and Evidence Technician
Property Room Phone: 248-364-6888
Property Room Hours: 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday

Abandoned Property and Property for Auction
Property that has been deemed abandoned will be auctioned off on If you are interested in bidding on the property then visit the above link.