Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB) is made up of three (3) highly trained fire inspectors, Fred Solomon, Jon Toss, and Nelson Webb all three of whom are firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Combined they have nearly 90 years of experience at the City of Auburn Hills.

Solomon_Fred_Square FF_Toss_Jon_2022_Square - Copy Webb_Nelson_Square
Fire Inspector Fred Solomon
(248) 364-6757
Fire Inspector Jon Toss
(248) 364-6753
Fire Inspector Nelson Webb
(248) 364-6715

As the City's fire inspectors, they are tasked with preventing fires or emergency situations by ensuring that all buildings and areas in Auburn Hills follow the proper National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) guidelines. The NFPA publishes over 300 consensus codes and standards intended to reduce the possibility and effects of fires and other hazards/risks. 

The FPB also handles many other important tasks for the City of Auburn Hills and its citizens, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial Fire Detection Systems inspections
  • Commercial Suppression Systems inspections
  • Residential Fire Detection Systems inspections
  • Issuing permits regarding the Fire Prevention Code
  • Hazardous Materials Permits
  • Fire Investigations
  • Public Education regarding fire safety and prevention
  • Community Outreach Services
  • Bonfire Permits
  • Responding to complaints regarding fire or life safety

Please see our Fire Safety Tips page created by the fire inspectors for ways to protect your loved ones, homes, and businesses from fires or other hazards. If you have any questions regarding City ordinances, possible code violations, or other fire prevention inquires, please give the fire inspectors a call and they can help answer your questions!