Billing Information

Fire Permits & Fees

There are two types of permits Hazmat and Construction:

A Hazmat permit allows the applicant to use or store hazardous materials as established by the locally adopted fire code.

A construction permit allows the applicant to install or modify systems and equipment for which a permit is required by fire code.

Permits may be required for fire code regulations affecting or relating to structures, processes, premises, and safeguards regarding:

  • The hazard of fire and explosion arising from the storage, handling or use of structures, materials or devices.
  • Conditions hazardous to life, property or public welfare in the occupancy of structures or premises.
  • Fire hazards in the structure or on the premises from occupancy or operations.
  • Matters related to the construction, extension, repair, alteration or removal of fire suppression or alarm systems.


Permit fees shall be paid prior to the issuance of the permit. Issued permits shall be kept on the premises designated therein at all times and shall readily be available for inspection by the fire official. Fees can be paid by sending a check to 3410 E. Seyburn, Auburn Hills, MI 48326 Attention Fire Department. Please include the permit number, project name and address. Cash or credit card payments can be made through the Treasures office...

2023 Fee Schedule

EMS Billing

The Auburn Hills Fire Department has a third party company process the EMS billing. The company is called Mobile Health Resources (MHR). They can be reached at 1-800-903-0107. Their mailing address is PO Box 13247 Lansing, 48901-3247. If you have any questions about your bill, refunds, or billing statements, please reach out to Mobile Health Resources.