Residential Roper Lock Boxes
The City of Auburn Hills is offering an opportunity for residents with medical conditions or mobility challenges to obtain a residential lock box.  These new lock boxes will be significantly cheaper and easier to install for residents instead of the business knox boxes.  Auburn Hills will be using the CGWLR model (as shown below) for residential use in case of an emergency for more information on the residential ROPER lock box (Model CGWLR) visit the following link:
Roper Lock Box Model
The residential lock box allows first responders when requested for a fire, medical, or police emergency to gain entry to a home when occupants are unable to answer the door or not home.  The purpose is to eliminate any unnecessary damage to any doors or windows in gaining access.  When a lock box is installed, the homeowner provides a copy of their household key which is secured in their lock box by the Fire Department; only Fire Department and Police Department personnel will have access to the secured, coded key to open residential located lock boxes.

Citizens can contact/apply for a Lock Box by visiting the City’s Senior Services Dept. at 1827 N Squirrel RD, or by obtaining an application here to send into the Senior Services Dept., or by contacting the Seniors Services Dept. by phone at (248) 370-9353.