Pothole Reporting

Potholes form when snow/rain water is absorbed into the ground below the surface of the road. As temperatures drop and the water freezes, the ground below the roadway expands, and the road surface expands as well. As temperatures increase and the ice melts, the ground below the road surface returns to its original state, while the surface does not, creating a gap between the surface and the ground. When vehicles drive over the cavity, the ground surface breaks, forming a pothole. 

Reporting a Pothole 

To determine which organization manages your roadway of concern within Auburn Hills city limits, click here.  If the roadway is managed by the: 

  • City of Auburn Hills DPW, please call (248) 391-3777
  • Road Commission for Oakland County, please visit their website, or call (248) 858-4804
  • Michigan Department of Transportation, please call (248) 451-0001
  • Privately-Owned, please call the roadway's owner or management company

Reporting Damage to Vehicle

If you are reporting damage to your vehicle, please contact the Auburn Hills Police Department at (248) 370-9444.