Household Hazardous Waste
Pesticides, engine degreasers, oven cleaners, oil paints, and many other household cleaning fluids should not be disposed of in the trash nor should they be poured down the street drain.  Toxic products are hazardous to human health and if disposed of in landfills or down storm drains have the potential to leak into drinking water sources.

If you have toxic household products (check the label) you wish to dispose of, consider these options:
  • If still usable, consider giving it to someone who can use it up.
  • If old or otherwise unusable dispose of it properly during the City’s annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day, held on a Saturday, in the month of May. Notices are sent to residents prior to the event giving the date and location.
  • Consider choosing less toxic alternatives.
Materials Accepted During Household Hazardous Waste Day (subject to change):

Kitchen/Bathroom Workshop
Bug Sprays Solvents
Floor Care Products Paint Brush Cleaner w/Solvent
Furnitrue Polishes Cutting Oil
Metal Polish w/Solvent Glue (Solvent-based)
Medicine (Expired) Paint (oil-based)
  Automotive Paint
Garden Paint Thinner
Fungicides Paint Stripper
Herbicides Primer
Insecticides Turpentine
Pesticides Varnish
Rat Poison Wood Preservative
  Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Automatic Transmission Fluid Miscellaneous
Auto Batteries (or Battery Acid) Unknown or Unusable Waste
Brake Fluid Artist's Paints, Mediums
Car Wax w/Solvent Dry Cleaning Solvents
Diesel Fuel Fiberglass Epoxy
Fuel Oil Gun Cleaning Solvents
Gasoline Lighter Fluid
Kerosene Household Batteries
Metal Polish w/Solvent Moth Balls
Motor Oil Mercury Debris
Other Oils 30 lb. or less empty propane tanks

Special information about latex paints:
Latex or water-base paints are generally not hazardous in the way that oil-base paints are.  Partially full cans of latex paint can be solidified using kitty litter, sand or some other absorbent.  Once solid, cans (without lids) can be disposed of with regular household garbage.  Empty paint cans, with only a thin film of dried paint can be recycled with metals.                      

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