Political Signs

What is a Political Sign?

A "Political Sign” means a temporary sign used in connection with a local, state, or national election or referendum.

Summary of the Rules:

  1. Political signs when pertaining to a public election shall be located only on private property with the property owner's consent. Such signs shall be removed not later than seven (7) days after the election.
  2. Political signs shall not be placed within road right-of-ways. Roadsides and boulevard islands must be free of obstacles and hazards to ensure safe travel and the efficient maintenance of roadways and utilities.
  3. Political signs shall not be placed on City properties.
  4. Political signs shall not be placed as to cause a vision obstruction for pedestrians, cyclists, or motorists.
  5. The Auburn Hills Police Department and Community Development Department are authorized by law to remove any sign in violation of the City’s ordinances.  Contact Code Enforcement with any questions - 248.364.6935.

Want to make sure you are following State & Local guidelines?

For more information, please see section 169.247 under the Michigan Code of Law.

State & Local Political Sign rules for the state of Michigan