Election Inspectors

Want to get involved in local government?

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We are always looking for election inspectors to work the upcoming elections. Inspectors are assigned based on the type of election and the number of inspectors needed to administer the election.

To apply to become an election inspector, review the qualifications and duties below, and submit your completed Election Inspector Application to the City Clerk’s Office.

General Qualifications

  • Must be a qualified and registered elector of the State of Michigan.
  • Must be 18 years of age.  (A person who is 16 or 17 years of age may be appointed with special conditions.)
  • Must be able to work be able to work from 6:00 AM to approximately 10:00 PM on Election Day.
  • Must have transportation to and from polling location.
  • Must have a good clerical ability to perform duties.
  • Must have computer experience.
  • Must attend a mandatory training class prior to working their first election.

Election Day Duties

  • Assist in opening and closing the precinct.
  • Assist voters throughout the voting process by checking their identification, verifying that the voter is eligible to vote and is in the correct precinct.
  • Record the voter in the electronic poll book (laptop computer).
  • Assign/issue a ballot to the voter.
  • Work with the Chairperson to resolve any issues that arise during the day.

Election Inspectors are paid $180.00 for the day and an additional $20 for attendance at the training class.

To apply for an Elections Inspector position with us:  Click Here Button