Aaron Webster Cemetery


Everyone views grief and the loss of a loved one with different emotions.  Some see the passing as a relief from suffering, while some see the passing as a heart that is broken beyond repair.  Whether you are laying your loved one to rest due to accident, illness or with Military Honors, the Aaron Webster Cemetery is a place to be honored and respected.  


The Aaron Webster Cemetery began with the burial of Aaron and Sarah Webster in 1823.  Since that time it has continued to be a sacred place of peace for those that come to mourn and remember.  

The Aaron Webster Cemetery is located at 150 S. Squirrel Rd, just south of Riverside Park and Auburn Road.  This cemetery is proud to display emblems from all branches of the Military and holds the remains of our Veterans from the Revolutionary War to the Korean War.  Memorial Day is a time the City and Historical Society proudly display flags honoring our Auburn Hills residents. 

The Clerk’s office works with the Department of Public Works to provide reverence as loved ones are laid to rest.

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Contact Information: City Clerk Office, 248-370-9402 or clerk@auburnhills.org

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Points of Reference
Aaron Webster Cemetery shall open at 7:00 a.m. and shall close at sunset.  No person shall enter the cemetery except during these hours.  Persons found in the cemetery outside the posted hours will be subject to the City’s trespass ordinance.

Winter decorations, blankets, wreaths, urns, etc., are permitted on the grave from November 15th until March 1st and shall be secured in a manner so as to prevent displacement by the wind. Decorations remaining on the grave after March 1st shall be considered abandoned and shall be disposed of by the cemetery management.

Arches and shepherd’s hooks for hanging baskets or eternal lights, only, are permitted, as follows:

  • Arches and shepherd’s hooks shall be self-supporting and constructed of metal. 
  • Arches shall be secured so as to prevent displacement by the wind.
  • Arches shall be installed within the designated area or directly behind the headstone
  • The placement of arches and shepherd hooks shall not impede maintenance operations.

There are currently no open lots to be purchased.  

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