Under the Brownfield Redevelopment Act PA 381 of 1996, as amended, a municipality may create a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority to develop and implement Brownfield projects. Land designated as a Brownfield is "an urban development site that has been previously built on or environmentally contaminated and is currently unusable or abandoned".  

The Act allows municipalities to establish a brownfield redevelopment authority (BRA), adopt brownfield redevelopment financing plans, and capture incremental local and school property taxes from redeveloped contaminated properties to pay for the environmental costs associated with those properties. In essence, it established a way for property improvements associated with cleanup and redevelopment to pay for environmental activities necessary for safe redevelopment.

The City of Auburn Hills  currently has two Brownfield Districts.  Click on the link to view the Brownfield Map.

Department of Environmental Quality Website
Brownfield Map  - as of 10-2012