Wesson Room

Room Details:

The Wesson Room seats a maximum of 32.

Reservations must include set-up time and clean-up time within the time frame of the rental.

  • Clean-up includes, but is not limited to:
    • Removal of all food, beverages, decorations, displays, equipment, or other materials. Please do not leave behind any food. This is a Health Department requirement.
    • Wipe tables, chairs, and counter-tops.
    • Any other clean-up as necessary.
    • Building Supervisors will inspect the room when clean up is complete. Security Deposits will be forfeited if the facility is not completely clean.

Rentals that run over in time will lose their full deposit after a 15 minute grace period

Fee Details: 

Fees and deposits will be charged according to current published rates available at the front desk.

Wesson Room rentals require a $50.00 deposit and full payment at the time of application.

Room Rates
   Resident  Non-Resident Sunday
 Wesson Room  $30/hr  $60/hr  N/A
 Deposit  $50/hr  $50/hr