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Goals and Objectives

The Auburn Hills City Council has adopted a new set of goals for the 2016 year.

City Council
2016 Strategic Goals

Auburn Hills City Council
2016 Strategic Goals & Objectives
I. Focus relentlessly on fiscal sustainability
*  Annual review & revision of 5-year forecast at budget time, including capital purchases & improvements
*  Maintain unrestricted general fund balance at 50% of expenditures
*  Strive to maintain net zero cost impact for incremental operational expenditures
* Quarterly cash balance report by fund
*  Active participation in legislation & other initiatives protecting local government revenues
*  Provide city council with annual abatement report & review policy
*  Evaluate existing & alternative revenue sources
*  Evaluate current purchase & service delivery methods for savings opportunities
II. Deliver outstanding city services
*  Develop a city mission statement
   “Live, work, play”
*  Encourage citizen participation via increased awareness
*  Improved marketing
*  Message boards
*  Increase social media presence
*  Television station improvements
�‚�* Respond to generational & cultural needs
* Strength: youth, teens, seniors
* Opportunity for growth: 30-50 year olds (incl. our corporate community)
* Mentor program with employment & people skills
*  Attract & retain talented workforce (be the employer of choice)
*Top notch compensation
* Well-trained, educated workforce
* Work toward a workforce that is more reflective of the community
 * Customer service: training/skill improvements across all departments
*Pro-active support (“May I help you?”)
*Awareness of other dept activities (Cross-training/ AHU)
*  Improve service delivery mechanisms/efficiency review
*Drive smart community development
*  Continue downtown development & expansion to increase population, inventory, & jobs by viewing development in three dimensions
*  Maintain & improve policies that support a stable business environment
*  Support code enforcement efforts to protect & enhance neighborhoods
*  Explore incentives for various housing types
*  Further develop the other three commercial development areas (Opdyke corridor, GLCO area, Five Points/Golden Triangle)
*  Wise use of vacant land & empty buildings
*  Pathway development/increased walkability
*  Continue Clinton River stewardship
*  Protect the natural beauty/resources/character of AH
*  Maintain & look for opportunities to enhance alternative energy infrastructure
III. Enhance academic & age-friendly community initiatives
*  Develop strategic transportation plan for community
*  Develop additional residential opportunities in downtown
* Including universal design
*  Continually integrate AH into higher education community
*OU, Cooley, OCC, Baker, CMU
*Pro bono work from Cooley
*  Explore volunteer time bank program
*  Advocate for improved educational opportunities for students in the Pontiac School District and positive impact on surrounding communities
*  Educate residents on available community health services
*  Increase walkability