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Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The Auburn Hills Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was established under the Michigan Downtown Development Authority Act 197 of 1975.  Though originally created in 1983, the Auburn Hills DDA did not became operational until Summer 2015. The Auburn Hills DDA District was established to limit and prevent deterioration within the district.  Captured taxes are used for the preservation, growth and maintenance of infrastructure within the district as well as creating an outstanding environment to support and attract further investment.  

The Auburn Hills DDA meets on the third Monday of each month and the public is welcome to attend.  Minutes from Auburn Hills DDA Board of Directors Meetings are on file with the Clerk’s office.

DDA Members:

Nate Spurlin, Chairperson

John Young, Vice Chairperson

Kathy Genautis

Dan Gliniecki

Jean Jernigan

Kevin McDaniel, Mayor

Albert Travnikar

Steven Volk

Dawn Wise

Samantha Seimer, Executive Director  sseimer@auburnhills.org