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Beautification Advisory Commission
 The Beautification Advisory Commission (BAC) was established with three objectives in mind:
  1. To restore, preserve and enhance the beauty of the City of Auburn Hills.  

  2. To encourage and assist active participation in all activities which pertain to the beautification and improvement of the City of Auburn Hills, such as home and community beautification; slum prevention; health and safety; fire prevention; civic pride and new development.

  3. To study, discuss and suggest to the City Council anti-blight and litter and beautification projects, and coordinating such projects by enlisting the active support of interested individuals, businesses and organizations.

The BAC sponsors two major programs each year:  The Annual Beautification Awards, which recognizes residents and businesses for outstanding landscaping and The Perennial Exchange, a free plant-exchange for residents and surrounding communities.
Meetings of the BAC are held on the third Wednesday of each month (January through October) at 6:00pm in the Council Conference Room at 1827 N. Squirrel Road.  

Beautification Advisory Commission Members:
Richard L. Foster, Chair
Patricia Ormsbee, Vice Chair
Carla Withers, Secretary
Ilene Ingram
Karen Lewis
Robert Kittle (City Council Liaison)
Elizabeth Brennan (City Staff Liaison) - Community Development  248.364.6946
 - One Open Position Available -