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Dog Licenses

Each summer, the Oakland County Animal Control Census Team conducts a census in an attempt to bring the public into compliance with the Michigan State Dog Law of 1919 that requires all dogs age 4 months and older have a license. Licensing is an important public safety issue as it ensures that the dogs residing in our community have current rabies vaccinations.

Residents may purchase a license at the City Hall Treasurer's Office, the Animal Shelter & Pet Adoption Center located at 1200 N Telegraph Road (either in person or via mail), or online at www.oakgov.com/petadoption. A valid rabies vaccination certificate signed by the vet is REQUIRED to purchase the dog license.

Date Range 1 Year 3 Year*  Type 
Jan 1 - June 1  $10.50   $28.50 Spayed/Neutered
   $18.00  $51.00 Intact
   $ 9.75  $26.25 [SENIOR] Spayed/Neutered
   $16.50  $46.50 [SENIOR] Intact
June 2 - Nov 30  $33.00  $51.00 Spayed/Neutered
   $33.00  $66.00 Intact
   $33.00  $49.50 [SENIOR] Spayed/Neutered
   $33.00  $63.00 [SENIOR] Intact

*Rabies vaccination must expire in year 2019 or later to purchase a 3 year dog license

Beginning June 2nd, residents who have not purchased a current year dog license are considered delinquent. After June 2nd, the cost of all dog licenses increases to $33.00. These fees are set by the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.

On June 2nd, the Oakland County Animal Control Census Team will begin going door to door in various communities in an attempt to bring the public into compliance with the State Law. Residents found to be housing dogs that are not licensed will be issued courtesy citations and given a period of time to comply with the law. If the resident still fails to comply within the allotted time period, another citation requiring a court appearance will be issued.