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Fall Lectures take place at the Auburn Hills Community Center and/or Facebook Live, Zoom or on cable. Call for more information, program updates or check our Facebook Page. Lunch is available at noon, must call 2 days before for lunch reservation. No fee for lectures unless otherwise stated in the write-up. Pre-registration required for some lectures, specific details listed in program description.  Call 248-370-9353. 

Have a question regarding the Journey of Aging? Join us for this informative presentation along with an engaging Q&A session. The Senior Compass Group is ready to help you navigate the often confusing world of aging. The group is made of esteemed professionals from various areas of the aging world. Two sessions offered; Day and Evening. Pre-registration required.
Date:   Wednesday, 9/8/21    #454133A
Time:   1PM
Date:   Thursday, 9/9/21    #454133B
Time: 6PM

Being a caregiver is a full-time job and sometimes the hardest part is finding resources in your community. This talk, brought to you by Hospice of Michigan, will be an aid to help you find resources and answer your questions about being a caregiver.
Date:   Wednesday, 9/15/21
Time:   12:30pm
Registration Required:  # 454134

Dive into the world of aquaculture - the practice of rearing aquatic animals and cultivating aquatic plants for food! Join Cameron Kniffen and learn about the positive environmental, economic, and health benefits of eating like a fish!
Date:   Wednesday, 9/22/21
Time:  12:30pm

The Most Beautiful and Historical Clothing Buttons You Have NEVER Seen!
In this program, Dianne Chmidling will share beautiful vintage and antique buttons with you, from creative works of art by modern studio button artists, back through historical decades of the 1900s then the 1800s and even buttons from the 1700s.  She will share some of the clothing which some of these buttons adorned, and what was fashionable for men and women in earlier centuries.  If you have buttons at home and are curious about their value, bring them in and Dianne will evaluate them for you. 
Date: Friday, 10/15/21
Time: 12:30pm
Saturday, 10/16/21








This educational presentation will serve as your personal passport to learn about the wonders of Belize. Our resident explorer, Cameron Kniffen, is back from Belize and ready to tell you about her experiences from her recent research trip (and prior trips) to this beautiful country.
Date: Friday, 11/5/21
Time: 12:30pm 

Come hear the story of how the idea of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider began, how the “unknown solider” was chosen and who chose him. Learn a bit about Arlington National Cemetery where the “tomb” is located and the honor guard who stand guard at the tomb 24/7 365 day a year. Presented by Joette Kunse.
Registration Deadline: 11/8/21
Registration #: 454135
Date:   Friday, 11/12/21
Time:   12:45pm
Fee:  Free

Pre-Registration Required

Be Safe, Be Sane, Be Smart: Best Brain Strategies under Stress 
With so many lifestyle changes, we will be discussing Brain Strategies for maintaining Brain Health during stressful
situations. These strategies will be applicable to many parts of your life, including the impacts of isolation.
Class #:  454136
Speaker: Kathy Housey
Date: Wednesday, 10/6/21
Time: 12:30 pm
Fee:  Free

Eat Your Way Out of the COVID "19"
There are many connections between the gut and the brain, so let’s talk about some simple dietary changes that can affect both emotion and appearance. You may have found yourself stress eating, but let’s talk about how to get your gut back on track!
Class #:  454137
Speaker: Kathy Housey
Date: Wednesday, 11/3/21
Time: 12:30 pm
Fee:  Free

The ABC's of CBD - Demon Weed or Healthy Herb
Is CBD a myth or is it magic?  With the controversy surrounding this all natural ancient plant many are confused whether or not it really works: is it safe and is it legal?  Kathy, local lecturer and educator presents the scientific information about CBD: the difference between CBD and the psychoactive ingredients in marijuana, the history of CBD in the United States, what is legal and where, and the possible conditions it can treat. Kathy will share her personal journey with CBD as she offers a simple and logical explanation behind all the hype. She also cites many ongoing studies with COVID and the use of CBD. She wraps up with the final question. Could this be a partial solution to the opioid crisis? 
Class #:
Speaker:  Kathy Housey
Date:  Wednesday, 12/1/21
Time:  12:30 pm
Fee:  Free

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