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Hawk Woods Nature Center

Fall Festival in the Woods Graphic
E. Dale Fisk Hawk Woods Nature Center

3799 Bald Mountain Rd.

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Hawk Woods offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreational activities.  This unique facility offers groomed nature trails, a heated restroom/shower facility open year-round, a covered picnic shelter that can be reserved in season, six overnight camping cabins, all complimented by 80 acres of beautiful woods, meadows, and marsh.


Educational Outreach
Let us bring nature to you!  Hawk Woods Nature Center is eager to visit your classroom & provide a variety of hands-on activities to your students to expand their knowledge of the outdoors & appreciation of our Michigan wildlife!

Click here
 for the brochure for classroom visits & field trip information

Volunteer Program
Hawk Woods is looking for volunteers.  If interested in how to become an official volunteer please give us a call at (248) 370-9353.   

Are you an Eagle Scout wanting to request a volunteer project?
We are happy to assist with the development of appropriate projects. To fill out an application and learn more details about our application process:

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A new geocaching challenge has been put in place in the Hawk Woods Nature Center located at 3799 Bald Mountain Road. Geocaching is a game played in the outdoors utilizing a handheld GPS or a smartphone with a geocaching app. The Challenge features six geocaches specifically designed for families and those new to geocaching. Come explore the natural environments in our city! Complete our Geocaching Challenge and stop by the community center for a special prize!  Download the Geocaching Challenge Decoder - click here

Hawk Woods Camping
Now is the time to plan your camping trip at Hawk Woods!  Enjoy six beautiful log cabins with overnight accomodations for up to 40 guests.  Nothing can beat a peaceful walk in the woods,  time resting by the pond, or an evening sunset.  Campfire late into the star lit night bring life long memories.  

Cabins that sleep 6 per night - $40 Resident / $50 Regular  
Cabin that sleeps 10 per night - $60 Resident / $80 Regular
One tent per cabin rental - $5 Resident / $10 Regular
Security deposit - $50

Call Parks & Recreation for more information at 248-370-9353.

Hawk Woods Lodge
The Lodge is currently closed. Our new lodge is expected to open in 2020.



Hawk Woods Nature Center schedules Public Scout Badge
Adventures on Saturdays in order to encourage many scouts
to come together to achieve their badges. Programs are
pre-planned by our Nature Center Instructors. These events
are geared towards individual scouts or small groups. Large
groups and/or different badge adventures can be accommodated
by booking a private adventure. Contact the community
center for more information.
Location: Hawk Woods Pavilion
Fee: $10 Resident / $12 Regular

Badge: Tiger – Tigers in the Wild    #433993A

Date: Saturday 9/14/19
Time: 9:30AM – 11:00AM

Badge: Scouts – Environmental Science II    #433993B

Pre-requisite: Environmental Science I
Date: Sunday 10/20/19
Time: 1:00PM – 3:30PM

Badge: Bear – Fur, Feathers, and Ferns    #433993C

Date: Saturday 11/16/19
Time: 1:00AM – 2:30AM

Celebrate grandparents or your special adult with an intergenerational
guided hike and fun craft!

Location: Hawk Woods Pavilion
Fee: Free
Date: Sunday 9/8/19    #433994
Time: 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Families will learn the art of cooking in cast iron over fire and
then enjoy their delicious meal creations! Recipes and supplies
are provided.

Location: Hawk Woods Campground Fire Pit
Date: Sunday, 9/29/19
Time: 3:00PM – 6:00PM
Fee: Family Rate $10Resident / $15 Regular    #438065A
Individual Rate $3Resident / $5 Regular    #438065B

Learn how to build two different types of wilderness shelters –
an A-frame and a Lean-to, and the best places to build in an

Location: Hawk Woods Pavilion
Date: Saturday, 11/16/19     #438060
Time: 9:30AM – 11:00AM
Fee: Free

Come spend an hour learning about nature! The hour will
include a story, craft, time outdoors and other age-appropriate

Location: Hawk Woods Pavilion
Time: 9:30AM – 10:30AM
Fee: Free
Date: Wednesday, 09/18/19 The Apple Pie Tree   #438061A
Date: Saturday, 09/28/19 The Mushroom Hunt   #438061B
Date: Saturday, 10/5/19 Counting on Fall    #438061C
Date: Wednesday, 10/16/19 Pumpkin Circle         #438061D

Lisa Calice, certified yoga instructor, will lead children through
our trails while stopping to learn and practice yoga poses in
nature such as tree, bird, rainbow, butterfly, frog, and many
more! All ages are welcome but children must be accompanied
by an adult.

Location: Hawk Woods Pavilion
Date: Sunday, 09/15/19    #438062
Time: 3:00PM – 3:45PM
Fee: $2 Resident / $3 Regular

Participants will be inspired by their environment, using things
we find in nature to paint, learning about colors and shapes in
the world around us! This class is taught by Lisa Calice who
has a Bachelor of Arts in painting and drawing. Children of all
ages are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

Location: Hawk Woods Pavilion
Date: Sunday, 10/6/19    #438064
Time: 3:00PM – 3:45PM
Fee: $3 Resident / $5 Regular
Fee: $10 Resident / $15 Regular

The Night Nature Alliance will present traits that all bats
share, the difference between Megabats and Microbats, the
diets of several unique bat species, how bats help humanity
worldwide, and what we can do to help them in return. They
will bring live bats and we will go on a bat walk after the presentation!

Location: Hawk Woods Pavilion
Date: Friday, 09/20/19    #438063
Time: 7:30PM – 9:00PM
Fee: Free

Let’s help our feathered friends find food this winter by building
a bird feeder! Project supplies included.

Location: Hawk Woods Pavilion
Fee: $3 Resident / $5 Regular
Date: Saturday, 12/14/19    #433991
Time: 3:00PM – 6:00PM

WEE STROLL (AGES 6 Months – 3 Years)
This program is designed for parents to take a guided walk
with their child, learn about the outdoors and learn ways to
introduce children to the natural world around them. Parent is
required to stay with children under 5 years.

Location: Hawk Woods Pavilion
Time: 9:30AM – 10:30AM
Fee: Free
Date: Friday, 09/13/19    #433641A
Date: Friday, 10/04/19    #433641B
Date: Friday, 10/16/19    #433641C



Hawk Woods Info Sheet  

Camping Guidelines  

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