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Pay Traffic Citation

Purchase Crash Reports

Phone: 248-370-9460

Hours: Monday-Friday

08:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

The Auburn Hills Police Department – Records Bureau is located inside the lobby area of the police headquarters. The Records Bureau provides the following services:

- Obtain Crime Reports
- Information Reports
- Gun Registration
- Sex Offender Registry
- Liquor License Renewal / Inspections
- Precious Gem Dealer Registry

The Auburn Hills Police Records Unit is a complex system, maintaining and controlling records generated by the Department in the normal course of its operation.

Management involves the collection, recording, reporting, release, storage and disposal of records in accordance with Michigan Historical Commission Rules, State of Michigan reporting requirements, court orders, subpoenas, Freedom of Information Act Requests, and federal, state and local laws.

Based on a strong customer service orientation, the Police Records Staff protect the integrity of the Police Department Record keeping system which generates upwards of 25,000 reports yearly.

The Records Unit rapidly and accurately:

  • retrieves, copies, releases and maintains the incident reports
  • completes clearances
  • maintains the current Sex Offender Registration file and listing
  • supports the police and other city departments for records management needs

The Auburn Hills Police Records Unit is committed to serving the needs of its employees and the community.