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Fire Department
Proudly Serving Since 1942.

Firefighter shoes and helmet

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For fire-related non-emergencies, please contact 248-370-9444.
For fire admin/records contact 248-370-9461.

Our location

1899 N. Squirrel Road
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326

Our administrative office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am - 5 pm.

Phone: 248-370-9461
Fax: 248-370-9358

After 5 pm please contact dispatch at 248-370-9461.

What's new with the Fire Department?

Our new aerial truck is a mid-mount 100' five-section ladder with a dual rear axle, raised cab with an EMS cabinet near the front. The new truck is lower, has a lower center of gravity, and has improved visibility for the driver. This configuration also allows for ‘short jacking,’ or the ability to need smaller footprints when operating due to shorter side stabilizer arms (outriggers). An onboard computer determines the safe length and angles of the ladder when the outriggers are in the “short-jacked” (condensed) position, and prevents the operator from extending beyond safe limits.

The specifications for the new truck meet the latest NFPA standards for safety. These include factors such as braking capacity and anti-roll. This 100’ length will help with additional reach and flexibility on scenes where the curb line is offset from a structure. Even a three-story commercial building with a significant offset provides challenges for the department’s current 75-foot ladder. 

The truck is equipped with a 2,000 GPM pump, a 500-gallon water tank, and a 30-gallon foam tank. It has a 15 liter Cummings Diesel motor, Allison transmission, and an onboard generator. The vehicle weighs 85,000 pounds and has a top speed of 60 mph. It has a medical compartment so that this vehicle can back-up the Ambulance(s) on medical emergencies, or stabilize a patient if it were to arrive ahead of an Ambulance.

New Fire Department Ladder Truck

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