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Keep It Clean Program

What is Keep It Clean?
"Keep It Clean" is a City of Auburn Hills program designed to keep the city's roadsides, open areas, and parks clean and attractive. Participants "adopt" both sides of a section of roadside, or an overall section of a park or open space to clean up over a two-year period. A minimum of one or two mile stretch of roadside is recommended.

Who is eligible?
Just about any group of at least six people and three backup participants.

It's a great opportunity for all types of organizations, including scout troops, church groups, activity and teen groups, small and large businesses, clubs, service organizations, and senior citizen groups.

Crew members must be a minimum of 18 years old.

What is required to participate?
Your time and effort.

How do I apply?
Participants are asked to pick up litter a minimum of three times a year from the roadsides, parks or open spaces in their designated area. Designated pickup dates and times will be determined by the City and the business at the beginning of each year to facilitate and schedule a pickup of bagged trash.
There is no fee. The garbage bags, road signs, pickers, and orange vests are provided by the City.

To sign up for "Keep It Clean"  Click here button

For more information, please contact the City Manager's office at 248-370-9440.