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Department of Public Works
The Department of Public Works (DPW) is located at 1500 Brown Road and is a separate facility from the centrally located City Administration and Public Safety facilities.  The DPW's main function is the operation and maintenance of the City's physical infrastructure, including the buildings and facilities, parks and grounds, major and local roads, water, sewer, storm drains, and street lighting.  This infrastructure provides support for all business, residential, social and recreational activity within the community.  The department staff is assigned to divisions that specialize in the construction, operation and maintenance of the various areas of responsibility.  Our staff is dedicated to providing the community with clean and safe roads, safe drinking water, unrestricted sanitary sewers, adequate storm drainage that are free of pollutants, clean and functional parks, easy access and user friendly buildings and facilities.  Welcome to our web site and we look forward to serving you. - Ronald J. Melchert, Director of Public Works


Mission Statement

The City of Auburn Hills Department of Public Works, in an effort to ensure a high quality of life for the City’s residents, businesses, and visitors, endeavors to provide a well-planned, environmentally responsible, unparalleled municipal infrastructure and cost effective services to promote public health, personal safety, transportation, economic growth, and civic vitality.

Vision Statement

The Auburn Hills Department of Public Works is committed to becoming recognized and respected as one of the premier public service departments in the region. It is our inherent duty to preserve and protect the City’s major investment in its infrastructure so that we may realize the maximum possible benefit of its intended purpose. We strive to provide top quality, professional, effective, and timely services to residents, businesses, and internal customers by promoting a skilled workforce that is diverse, committed, motivated, and empowered.  

Value Statement

  • We will strive to work as an organized and cohesive team to effectively, efficiently and safely deliver the highest quality of life for our citizens, as outlined in our mission statement.
  • We will at all times project a positive image of the City, as demonstrated by our rapport with customers, adherence to safety standards, and display of pride and respect for the City of Auburn Hills.
  • We will understand the value and nature of working in the public sector, and will always make every effort to positively and respectfully represent the City of Auburn Hills.
  • We will place a high value on efficiency, effectiveness, and safety when delivering services.  This value will be achieved through proper training of employees and continuous feedback and support from leadership on employee performance. 
  • We are committed to developing a diverse and talented work force that can best serve the needs of its citizens.
  • We value loyalty, dependability and responsibility and realize that the success of our department relies on having employees with these qualities.
  • We will strive to maintain an organizational culture and structure that promotes open communication, collaboration, teamwork and employee involvement.
  • We will do our best to support environmentally conscious initiatives and will dedicate ourselves to being an environmentally responsible organization, both in its facilities and throughout the community.
  • We will demonstrate our commitment to personal safety by providing employees with the proper training and safety equipment to allow them to safely and effectively perform their assigned tasks.
  • We will commit to the safety of our citizens by striving to maintain a safe infrastructure to live, work and visit.  This will be accomplished by responding in a timely manner and completing all work efficiently, so that the job will be done correctly in one visit.
  • We will strive to conduct business with full consideration of accepted ethical practices as outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Contact Information

City of Auburn Hills
Department of Public Works
1500 Brown Road
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Phone: 248.391.3777
Phone (After Hours Emergency): 248.370.9444
Fax: 248.391.4895
Email: dpw@auburnhills.org



Ronald Melchert, Director of Public Works
Email: rmelchert@auburnhills.org


Deputy Director

Dan Brisson, Manager of Fleet & Roads
Email: dbrisson@auburnhills.org
Eric King, Manager of Municipal Grounds
Email: eking@auburnhills.org
Mark Michling, Manager of Public Utilities
Email: mmichling@auburnhills.org