Where do I go to apply for a building permit?

When is a Building Permit needed?

How long does it take for a permit to be processed?

How much does a permit cost?

What needs to be submitted to obtain a Building Permit?

Do you take credit cards for payment?

Do you know our largest industrial buildings in Auburn Hills?

How do I obtain demographic information regarding the city?

How does one inquire about available land?

How does one get assistance in developing a business plan?

How does one acquire an overview on the economic condition of Auburn Hills?

What is the City’s policy regarding tax abatements?

How do I make a complaint about another property in my neighborhood?

How many pets am I allowed to keep at my property?

Are there restrictions on where I can park my RV?

I want to split my lot. Can I do that?

How do I find out what the zoning is on my property?

What is happening next door?

What should I do when I receive a public hearing notice?

What is the Citizen Participation Ordinance?

What is a master land use plan and where can I get a copy of it?