The City of Auburn Hills has captured national and local media attention for our work on electric vehicle infrastructure...

Below are some clips from news reports on our story. Also, here is a link to all our Community Development blog posts about EVs

(NEW) November 13, 2013- "EV Infrastructure: City of Auburn Hills "Aha Moment"-

(NEW) November 6, 2013- "Exclusive Interview Inside the 'Belly of the Beast' In Auburn Hills"-

July 11, 2013- "Auburn Hills affirms municipal leadership in alternative fuel options"- EA Focus

July 3, 2013- "Auburn Hills has plugged into the future of transportation. Have you?"- Steve Cohen (Guest column),

May 23, 2013- "Midwest cities planning for electric vehicles"- Dan Haugen, Midwest Energy News

August 15, 2012- "Building A Plug-In Electric Vehicle Community"- Denise McGeen, concentrate

July 12, 2011- "Auburn Hills passes ordinance to encourage EV charging stations"- Matt Roush, CBS Detroit

July 14, 2011- "Auburn Hills ordinance to encourage charging stations for electric vehicles"- Joseph Szcesny, Oakland Press

August 4, 2011- "City on right road with electric car regulation" -Staff editorial, Oakland Press

September 29, 2011- "Auburn hills EV Event Draws A Crowd"- Matt Roush, CBS


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