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Contact a Member of the City Manager's Office
Thomas A. Tanghe - City Manager
Phone:  248.370.9440
Fax:  248.370.9348
Email:  ttanghe@auburnhills.org

Don Grice - Assistant City Manager
Phone: 248.370.9440
Fax: 248.370.9348
Email: dgrice@auburnhills.org

Alanna Stockley - Executive Assistant to the City Manager
Phone:  248.364.6804
Fax:  248.370.9348
Email:  astockley@auburnhills.org

Stephanie L. Carroll - Manager of Business Development and Community Relations
Phone:  248.364.6802
Fax:  248.370.9348
Email:  scarroll@auburnhills.org

Jane D. Parpart - Human Resources Generalist
Phone:  248.364.6803
Fax:  248.370.9348
Email:  jparpart@auburnhills.org

Samantha Mariuz - Management Assistant

Phone: 248.364.6806
Fax: 248.364.9348
Email: smariuz@auburnhills.org

Jessica Smith - Graphic Artist
Phone: 248.364.6750
Email: jesmith@auburnhills.org

Kyle Scislowicz - Media Communications Specialist
Phone: 248.364.6726 
Email: kscislowicz@auburnhills.org