Election Information

Are You Registered to Vote?

There will be a State Primary Election on August 5, 2014 and a General Election on November 4, 2014.  On the August ballot will be Federal offices (Congress), State Offices (Governor, State Representatives, etc.) and various other offices including school boards, County Commissioners, and Precinct Delegates.  On the November ballot will be the Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General as well as the other offices that had the primary in August.  It is interesting to note that there will not be any primary for the Secretary of State or  Attorney General as the candidates are chosen by their respective parties to be on the ballot.

In August, as always, you cannot cross "party lines".  There will be Republican and Democratic candidates only;  in November there will be several other parties to choose.  If you vote for a Republican candidate for State Representative, you may NOT vote for a Democratic candidate for any office. All your votes for party candidates must be cast in the same party.  TRIVIA:  Why are the Republican Candidates listed first on the ballot?  Because we have a Republican Secretary of State. If the SOS were a Democrat, that party would be first on the ballot. 
The Clerk's office will be sending out absentee applications to all those on our permanent list. You can be on the list too - just call and ask us!  The applications will allow you to choose both August and November if you wish to receive a ballot for both. You can also choose just one date, or vote in person without returning it to us.  It is up to you!  If you have any questions, please call, we are happy to answer them!
                                                       CITY CLERK'S OFFICE 248-370-9402 


 Terri Kowal, MMC

City Clerk