Election Information

Are You Registered to Vote?

There will be a General Election on November 4, 2014.  The winners of the August primary election will be on the ballot, as well as the candidates chosen by their respective political parties.  The offices to be elected include Federal offices (Congress), State Offices (Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General,  State Representatives, etc.) and various other offices including school boards, County Commissioners, and many ballot questions.

There are several ballot questions that will have an impact on Auburn Hills residents.  One of them is on prohibiting the burning of leaves in the City.  Another is a millage issue for Avondale schools, and there are state and county proposals as well. School Board members will also be on the November ballot. In Auburn Hills, we will have ballots for Avondale. Lake Orion, Pontiac and Rochester school districts, so you will receive the appropriate one.

In November, there will be several political parties from which to choose.  Unlike the August primary, in November you can vote in all different parties as long as you don't exceed the number of candidates being elected.  That means for an office such as a School Board, you can choose a Libertarian, Democrat and Republican, for example, if there are three positions to elect.

You may also vote a "straight ticket", which means every office of the party you choose to check at the top of the ballot will receive your vote.  It is important to note two things:  One, that you can still cross parties in a straight ticket vote.  If you choose straight Republican, you can still vote for a Democratic candidate for any office and it will not spoil your ballot or not count.  You will have voted Republican for all candidates EXCEPT the one for whom you cast a Democratic vote.  That Democratic candidate will get that vote counted.  Two, voting straight ticket will not cast votes for the non-partisan candidates at the end of the ballot, which includes school boards, judges, and ballot questions.  Be sure to vote the ballot all the way to the end.

The Clerk's office will be sending out absentee applications to all those on our permanent list. You can be on the list too - just call and ask us!  If you wish to vote absentee for this election only, please send us an email or call us.  We plan to mail the absentee ballots around the end of September, if testing is complete.  If you signed up for one and haven't received it by October 10, please call.  Any questions? Please call, we are happy to answer them!
                                                       CITY CLERK'S OFFICE 248-370-9402 


 Terri Kowal, MMC

 City Clerk